There is a misconception in the media. It would appear from news reports that only young people are active on social issues such as climate change. It is true that young people are more outspoken, idealistic and eager to change the world.

But seniors like us also want to Save The Planet. At our age idealism is tempered by experience and knowledge. We are more apt to study the issues in depth and get involved supporting solutions rather than dreams.

But there is one cause that affects us all and deserves the support of all of us, young and old.

Climate Change – The Problem

Since the start of the industrial revolution we, all the people on earth, have been emitting more carbon into the atmosphere. More than the earth can absorb. You can read the science behind this problem in the following article:

It is obvious that in order to regain a carbon balance there are two solutions

A) Cut back the carbon emissions

B) Increase the amount of carbon absorbed by earth

Most of the discussions and sharp disagreements are about how to reduce emissions. The problem is a global problem that requires cooperation from all countries. It is difficult to achieve a consensus because of the different situations and needs of different countries. For example people in Africa have only mostly coal available as a natural source of energy. They can not be expected to abandon burning coal as a source of energy. The Paris agreement committing countries to individual goals is a good start, but much more needs to be done. It will take time. It is therefore very important that we focus now on solution B) increasing the amount of carbon absorbed by Earth. We can do this now.

Climate Change – A First Step Solution

According to the World Economic Forum ” locking up carbon in the world’s forests can provide up to one third of the emissions reduction required by 2030 to meet the Paris agreement targets” [1]


Planting trees is not controversial and is a proven method to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Scientists have determined where trees should be planted for maximum benefit. Therefore, although we can all plant trees in our backyards, large scale planting should be left to the experts.

The following organizations are active in reforestation and deserve our support.


– The Canopy Project

– The Earth Day Network

– ( planting one trillion trees project)

– Plant for the Planet Foundation


Planting trees is a first step we can take now to fight climate change and Save Our Planet.


P.S.: Save the planet but start with clean indoor air, so you can stay healthy for the cause.                                                                                                                                                                Find more by clicking here








  1. Hello ,

    Thanks for allowing me to read your post on “Seniors Also Want To Save The Planet”. I agree climate change is a big problem. We can see it in the global changes in the weather. Carbon emission can be balanced by an increase in the amount of carbon absorbed by earth. We have to start somewhere and it’s really great to see this information about the role seniors play in these important topics.

    Best Regards


  2. Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for this great article! We are all needed to save the Planet, planting a tree is something we all can do. Trees take time to grow and unfortunately we see every year so many devastating fires in so many countries burning many miles of forest, fires that have a human hand, every summer is the same sad story happening over and over again. Deflorestation of vast areas of forest have been happening for so long. 

    What happens to the Earth, will happen to Mankind!



  3.  Well done for getting into this. It is such a big issue and I’m pleased that you are representing the views of many of us “seniors” who are pro-environment, after all for many of us this is first became important in the 70s. In Australia it is a very hot topic because there are still a lot of people who want to log our native forests and build coal power stations. We recently had a solar power system put up on our roof and get very excited when we see how much power we are generating. We have an app that tracks all our usage and how much excess goes back into the system for others to use. The government gave grants and interest free loans to help with the cost so that’s at least one way we are moving forward. I never realised how much power it takes to boil a jug of hot water!

    1. Thank you Deb for your thoughtful comments. It is great that in addition to supporting planting trees you are also active in reducing your carbon footprint. Solar power is an energy source that is free for the taking.

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