The Look of Success – Seniors Starting a Business

We are healthy, active and ready for more. However, when starting a business and dealing with younger customers, we must convey our vitality and enthusiasm to overcome a natural tendency of many people who believe that old age is associated with mental and physical decline. We need the look of success.

It is not fair, but it is a reality that we can not ignore and must overcome. Studies show that first impressions are key in establishing the trust required in business.

Appearance a Key to Positive First Impression

First impression from faces can predict success. In a study from Tufts University, Department of Psychology, 170 US undergraduates were shown photographs of chief executives of major US Companies. The study found that those executives whose photographs received the highest positive ratings from the students, were actually the highest performing executives with the highest salaries. The study concluded that success is related to facial appearance. [1]

Similar academic studies have been conducted where they asked a sample of voters to select a winner from a line up of photographs. These were elections where the voters were not familiar with the candidates, their platforms or experience. The only information was the photograph of the candidate. In these studies the candidate selected by the sample voters as likely to win, was the actual winner. [2]

What was in the photographs that conveyed the qualities of a winner?

Scientists have not determined exactly which facial features are critical in that first impression. Therefore, even if we are not vain, we should try to improve our appearance, for our customers sake and for our own self-esteem. Ladies know that, but we men should also pay attention top our appearance, especially our facial appearance.

What can We Do to Improve our Appearance ?

If we search the literature on this subject we find that basic steps to improve our appearance revolve around improving our overall Health. Lose weight, drink plenty of water and exercise are the most important actions we can take to improve our health and appearance.

At the other extreme they recommend that we just cover our skin imperfections with make-up. They tell me that today men are also using make-up. Apparently make-up is no longer just for the ladies. I am not sure that I want to follow that path. But that is just me.

However, I recommend that in addition to improving our health we use anti-aging creams that are recommended for mature, aging skin. These creams will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Appearance can be improved with creams and potions and they are worth a try. It is a good thing to do. However, an inner glow that is reflected in our face comes from inner confidence and inner peace. Your life experience gives you an advantage and all the strength and confidence you need to succeed.




[1] Nicholas O. Rule et al. “She’s Got the Look: Inferences from Female Chief Executive Officer’s Faces Predict their Success”. Department of Psychology, Tufts University, Medford, USA . November 2009, Volume 61,Issue 9-10,pp644-652

[2] Christopher Y. Olivola et al. ” Elected in 100 milliseconds:Appearance-Based Trait Inferences and Voting”, Journal of Nonverbal Behavior, June 2010, Volume 34,Issue 2, pp83-110

5 thoughts on “The Look of Success – Seniors Starting a Business

  1. Definitely Yes, being healthy has a lit to say in how our appearance is like.  Having a worthy appearance would actually serve as a reason to create better first impression. Being happy and confident would radiate the aura of confidence and I can say that confidence beams success. Getting people to see us as being successful has a great thing to do with the way we are presented in our appearance. Great post up here

  2. Hmm! It feels rather bemusing to see these samples where people pick the successful people merely through sample pictures. Though definitely, success oozes an aura that distinguishes it because it shows confidence and self esteem. Truthfully, staying healthy, keeping fit, being strong and agile would give a sense of inner joy and willingness to be positive. I guess we all need to fix our weaknesses and lacks so that we can have the look of success. Thanks for Sharing this information.

    1. Shelley, I agree with you that staying healthy ,keeping fit go a long way in giving us the sense of happiness that is reflected in our appearance.Since it is not as easy for seniors to find the will to exercise regularly,which is essential for our health, I wrote an article on how to make exercise fun.You may be interested in checking it out.

  3. Your first pointer on appearance cannot be overemphasized. I totally agree with you. I always find a ‘smily’ face warm and more easy to interact with with. And we know once you engage,chances are that you might actually buy into whatever they are trying to sell. And yes, men are also applying make-up, although very light versions of them!

    Thank you for these interesting facts and the reminder to have an inner glow that will automatically reflect on the outside.

    Great article!

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