Keys to Writing Memorable Website Posts

Memorable Website posts, as the name indicates, are posts that the reader remembers. These are the posts in which you make contact with the reader on a personal level. If your language is informal, like a conversation between friends, the reader is more likely to pay attention to your message and keep reading.


You are presenting yourself as an authority in your subject. So you must act as an authority. Your opinions should be clear and specific. Your recommendations strongly worded. You may occasionally reference your experience and credentials. Make sure that you become an expert, if you are not already one, by researching all you can about your subject. It will show in your writing.


Writing is a skill that you develop with every new post that you publish. We all start with baby steps, but if we make changes to our writing style based on feedback, we will soon be on our way to write memorable posts. Feedback, as measured by results, is the key. When I started writing, my posts were more like scientific papers. Because of my technical background I liked to provide references and explained all the technical parameters applicable to the products I was promoting. My posts were very good, in my opinion, but nobody cared. The readers did not want to read a 2000 word article on why they should buy an air purifier for their home. They just wanted to read a brief summary and be reassured by my recommendation as an expert. I started to simplify my posts, I included only the most important factors and added many photos. Eureka ! It worked. The number of visitors increased and so did the site rankings.


Earlier posts will still bring an audience. However, it is important to update the posts periodically so that the information is current and valid today. Changing the photos also helps. For example, I just changed in my website photos that showed summer scenes to new photos with winter images. A new visitor will now relate better to the message since I am

now also writing new posts on what products I recommend for the winter months.


Writing is a skill that you develop as you advance in your training and as you continue your writing.

Keep on writing. Follow my suggestions and you too will soon celebrate as your site rankings improve!

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10 thoughts on “Keys to Writing Memorable Website Posts

  1. good morning Carlos,

    Writing can be quite a daunting task for someone who is just starting their blog journey.

    Good thing is that it does get easier and I think the key is all within your own perception as well.  I had to overcome my own reservations before I could start writing again and quite often the writers block only comes when I doubt myself.

    My neighbour is writing his memoirs and he is using a program on the computer that he speaks into then it transfer his words into text.  It took a lot of training and practice but it seems to be working OK for him.  

    He is in his 80s and never touched a computer before so it is good to see how that barrier was broken down.

    Have a good day 

    1. I believe that the most important fact in successful writing is knowledge of the subject.This is my most important rule.When you know the subject well your writing flows effortlessly and is of value to the reader

  2. Very helpful i am very still new to this whole thing and this information will help me so very much. Thanks for this i love your layout. And the topic you chose I think this would be helpful to the entire community and thanks again. I would just say keeping it simple goes a long way thanks.

  3. Thank you for this article, it really explained a lot, I personally i am a blogger and I have always tried to reach my audience on a personal level after reading this article i believe i have gained some skills on how to do that. Acting with authority of is truly one of the ways to reach a person heart, thank you for this post once again it has been really helpful.

    1. Thank you for your kind words.Comments from a fellow writer are appreciated .You are so right that reaching our audience on a personal level is most important.

  4. Hi Carlos, you just made me smile when I read the piece about learn from your earlier posts. How on earth can you find 2000 words for an article about an air purifier. Yes, an image speaks more than a thousand words. So, with 4 images you speak about 4000 words;) and your well-considered professional addition and product information wil definitely please your visitors! Thank you, Loes

    1. Hello Loes,

      You are right that it is not easy to find 2000 words for an article about air purifiers.What I try to do on all of my posts is to research the subject on Google Scholar.Learning what scholars have to say on a subject opens my mind and I am able to provide more meaningful content.But you are right ,for some posts a picture is more helpful.Thank you for your kind comment.


  5. Writing…writing…. is the nemesis of my life. I feel like I am still stuck at baby steps, how many times a week do you write? I will try not to get too technical but it is hard sometimes, but you are right, we have to be more realatable and easy to understand. Thanks for the tips.


    1. I find that I must really know the subject well before writing if I want to offer content that is useful.When dealing with a subject I am not very familiar I  do some research on Google Scholar.Thus learning what the scientists say gives me a better insight in the subject.But mostly I only write about what I know really well, since I want to be recognized as an authority on the subject.

  6. So being informal is a good thing when writing posts?  Like anything else practice makes perfect, you are right that we improve the more that we write. Especially with feedback, other people point out things that you might overlook and stuff.

    Do you write certain posts specifically just to sell?

    Interesting that updating a post and changing a picture helps to get others to relate better.

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