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COVID-19 and the Elderly




Health officials are advising all of us to stay home to reduce the risk of infection from the corona pandemic. This is most important to the elderly since statistics show that we are the most vulnerable group. Since we will be spending more time at home, now it is more important than ever to have clean air indoors. We will discuss two key elements for keeping our indoor air safe.



What the Scientists tell us

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that ” according to current evidence, COVID-19 virus is primarily transmitted between people through respiratory droplets and contact routes ” [1].

These droplets are particles between 5 and 10 microns. ( 1 micron = .000001 m )


Air cleaners with HEPA filters can remove particles larger than .3 microns. Therefore, it appears that Air Cleaners with HEPA filters could provide a virus free air environment. It has been noted that the size of the COVID-19 virus is only .12 microns and therefore it could not be removed with the HEPA filters. However, the virus in the air would normally be attached to a dust particle with total particle size greater than .3 microns. So it is probable that Air Cleaners, with HEPA filters , can be of help in our fight against this pandemic. [2]


Notwithstanding the report of the WHO, recent studies show that the virus could, under special conditions, remain in the air in aerosol form. These ultra small particles are the most dangerous to our health since they can easily penetrate our lungs and blood vessels. Another tool in our arsenal against the pandemic is simply ventilation that would remove the aerosol particles present in  indoor air.

In hospitals, room ventilation will clear aerosols from the air fairly quickly. Studies show that one air exchange removes approximately 63% of the viral load present in the air. After five air exchanges the viral load is only less than 1% of the original load. Ventilation standards in England Hospitals require six air exchanges per hour. Five air exchanges would take 50 minutes. Therefore, 99% of any new viral load introduced in a hospital room would be removed within 50 minutes.[3]

Of course in our homes the ventilation is typically lower. The typical air change rates measured in US homes range from .5 to 2.2 air exchanges per hour.[4]

As an example a ventilation rate of 2 exchanges per hour would remove any new viral load in 150 minutes.


Since the COVID-19 virus is a new virus still being studied we do not know for certain all the modes of transmission. According to the WHO it is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets and surface contact. However, there is some empirical evidence that it could also be transmitted in aerosol form in which case the virus could be floating in air for extended periods of time. To be safe we can assume that this mode of transmission may also occur.
Therefore, to maintain clean and healthy indoor air we should install Air Cleaners with HEPA Filters and also upgrade our ventilation systems if possible.


[1] World Health Organization – Modes of Transmission of virus causing COVID-19 ; implication for IPC precaution recommendations. 29 March 2020


[3] T.M. Cook – Personal protective equipment during the corona virus disease (COVID)2019 pandemic- a narrative review- 04 April 2020.



Aromatherapy for Seniors- is it Good for Us ?

Lavender Field

Over the years I heard many times the word “aromatherapy”. However, I associated this word with “flower power” and the hippie culture of the 60s, and did not pay much attention. I guess I was missing something important, that now is becoming very popular and for a good reason.

We see many advertisements for “essential oils”, which are the foundation for aromatherapy, and we see many articles written to discuss the health benefits of “Aromatherapy”. Here I present my findings on Aromatherapy for Seniors.

Aromatherapy in the Ancient World

Although scientists have researched essential oils only since the beginning of this century, the use of aromas and plants for their healing powers have strong historical roots.

In India The Reg Veda, written more than 5000 years ago, describes the healing power of herbs. That knowledge evolved in India into the healing art of Ayurveda, which is still practiced today. In China essential oils of Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile were used as tonics.[1]

Egyptians used some of the oldest known oils such as Myrrh, Juniper, Aniseed and Cedar.

In ancient Greece Hippocrates recommended aromatic baths with Marjoram and Myrrh.[2]

I have to confess I always have been a skeptic of any healing remedy that did not have the endorsement of modern medicine. However, natural remedies have been the only remedies available for centuries and they obviously were of great value at the time. Even in “modern” times, before sulfa and antibiotics were developed, natural remedies were very important. They deserve our respect.

What the Scientists say about Aromatherapy

Scientists have researched essential oils since the beginning of this century. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse analyzed the chemical composition of essential oils and wrote “Aromatherapy”, the first book on the pharmacology of essential oils, in 1910. Since then numerous studies have confirmed the healing properties of some essential oils. Aromatherapy implies a health related therapy, not to be confused with aromatic oils used in the cosmetic industry.

An article published in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry reports that in a study of geriatric patients, exposed to samples of essential oils of Lavender, Grapefruit and Peppermint, the patients reported an increase of satisfaction with their care and welcomed the aromatherapy. Increase of well-being was universally reported.[3]

A recent study, in 2018, reported that older people suffering from insomnia were greatly helped by inhaling a combination of lavender, marjoram and basil essential oils. The results show that applying aromatherapy contributes to a reduction in the intensity of insomnia and also that all subjects reported a significantly better quality of sleep.[4]

Experts think that aromatherapy activates smell receptors in the nose which send messages through the nervous system to the brain. The brain areas involved include the hypothalamus which may respond by releasing serotonin that eases stress and provides a feeling of relaxation.[5]

Common Essential Oils and their Benefits

The most common essential oils used in Aromatherapy and their benefits are listed below: [6]

ESSENTIAL OIL                                                                REPORTED BENEFITS

Basil                                                                              Sharpens concentration. Helps with depression symptoms

Jasmine                                                                        Enhances alertness. Possible aphrodisiac

Black Pepper                                                               Stimulates blood circulation. Relieves muscle pains and aches

Rosemary                                                                     Supports circulatory and nervous systems. Boosts memory

Thyme                                                                           Reduces fatigue and stress

Lemon                                                                           Relieves symptoms of stress and depression

Clove                                                                              Topical analgesic, commonly used for toothache

Eucalyptus                                                                    Relieves airways during a cold or influenza

Lavender                                                                        Improves relaxation and sleep.Relieves headaches


Aromatherapy is now in the mainstream and an accepted complement to modern medicine.

Words of Caution

Although aromatherapy can be applied through inhalation, skin contact or ingestion, inhalation should be the preferred method. Inhalation acts immediately on the nose receptors connecting to the brain, and provides nasal de-congestion and a pleasant smell. Aromatherapy can be applied through skin contact, typically in conjunction with massage. In this case it is advisable to test first for allergic reactions by applying the diluted essential oil on a small skin section and observe if there is a reaction. Ingestion of essential oils is not recommended as it may damage the liver or kidneys. Furthermore, if you are taking medications consult with your Doctor to ensure that there are no adverse interactions with your medications.

Aromatherapy is intended to be a complementary treatment that can have health benefits such as stress reduction, ease some side effects of medications and help improve quality of life for people suffering from anxiety, depression or insomnia. It is a complementary treatment not intended to replace conventional medicine.

We have discussed here Aromatherapy, utilizing essential oils obtained from distillation. Not to be confused with oils extracted chemically and used in cosmetics.


Aromatherapy is another method to enhance our well-being, improve our quality of life and joy of living. It is very pleasant and it might be of help. Why not try it?




[2] Monika Michalak,2018. “Aromatherapy and methods of applying essential oils”, Department of Dermatology and Cosmetology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Poland. Arch Psysiother Glob Res 2018;22 (2):25-31

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[5] ” Aromatherapy & Essential Oils for relaxation and Stress Relief”,2018 https://

[6] Christian Nordqvist,2017. “Aromatherapy:What you need to know”


Rejuvenated at Age 77

Retired and Ready for More

It is widely believed that aging is associated with an inevitable decline of physical and mental conditions. We are told that some diseases are expected with old age and that we must accept our “senior moments” as normal for our age.

However, new research shows that old age is not a disease, and that we can live a healthy and active life until the end.

In this article I will discuss some steps we can take to live fully and thrive in our golden years.

My Message

My stated goal since retirement has been to remain active, to live life fully and thrive. To be ready for more. More experiences, more learning and more new memories.

However, I did not always act accordingly. The nagging thought that my health may deteriorate as I age was always on my mind. This negative conditioning from TV commercials constantly advertising medications for new and old diseases was taking its toll. But no more.

I had my “Eureka” moment and I now know that a healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy and fulfilling old age. It is all coming together now.

It started with reading a book “The Longevity Paradox” by Steven Gundry, MD where he makes the case on how to die young at a ripe old age. The book is based on his experience as a heart surgeon and on his own research. Most importantly the conclusions presented are supported by more than 100 references to scientific and scholarly papers, and studies.

It is a must read for all seniors. I will not try to describe his plan for healthy living but I will say that he clearly explains the science behind the success of his program, and that it is a very comprehensive program.

What I have been Missing

My biggest surprise was when I found out that a few techniques presented in the book, such as intermittent fasting, restricted calorie intake, limiting protein consumption, and physical exercise plans were being followed by some of my friends and family already. I was just not paying attention. I even have books in my library on the same subjects.

This week we visited our new grand daughter, one week old, and very beautiful in the unbiased opinion of this proud grandfather. But in chatting with our son, Edward, he mentioned that he has been doing intermittent fasting for the last year with a noticeable increase in energy. Our daughter-in-law, Kristi, added that she loved Buffalo Mozzarella ( Made from Buffalo milk, which has a healthy casein A2 instead of the dangerous casein A1 present in cows milk).

Later in the day talking with our youngest daughter, Alexis, via Skype in Vermont, she said that she too has been doing intermittent fasting for the last six months. Where have I been that I did not know this before?

But now I am a convert to the Longevity Paradox Program for a healthy lifestyle. The world watch out!


Living a full life after retirement is possible. Retirement is not retirement from life, but an opportunity to reassess our priorities and redirect our activities to what is now important to us. Hence, the “golden years”. We have earned the freedom from our past obligations and are now ready for new challenges of our choosing.

But in order to have the health and energy to pursue our dreams it is our responsibility to follow a healthy lifestyle.

One more thing…To stay healthy we also need to have clean indoor air. This is most important now with the current concern about the coronavirus.Air cleaners can provide the clean indoor air we must have to stay healthy. Find out more by clicking here.




1- The Longevity Paradox, Steven R.Gundry, MD – 2019

2- Live Young Forever, Jack Lalanne – 2009

3- 3 Steps to Incredible Health, Joel Fuhrman, MD – 2011

Exercise Programs for Seniors – A new approach – EXERGAMES

Gone Fishing


As older persons we want to do more. Our years of working hard to raise a family are now behind us. Now is our time to enjoy our golden years and pursue our postponed dreams. We have the time. However, we must also have the energy to succeed in this new season of our lives. In this article we will examine how to improve our health and energy through different forms of physical exercise programs for seniors. Have you heard of Exergames. Get ready to do more !


Scientific papers on the health of seniors tell us that seniors commonly lack physical fitness and often suffer from mobility problems.( No big news there). Furthermore, seniors often lack motivation for physical activities and may experience a decline in cognitive skills. [1] In addition, significant life events, such as loss of a spouse, retirement, loss of social contacts, can lead to psychological conditions such as depression and anxiety [2].

The scientists do not paint a pretty picture of our condition as older persons. However, scientists also tell us how to improve our health. Physical activity is key, it can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve brain plasticity and increase feelings of well-being. Different studies examine various forms of physical exercise for seniors such as :


– Flexibility exercises ( stretching, tai-chi )

– Progressive resistance training. [3]

– Core exercises

– Aerobic exercises ( walking, jogging, swimming )

– Balance exercises

Regular exercise programs are recommended. The choice of exercise is really based on personal preference, and any doctor imposed restrictions. Furthermore, ongoing, moderate-intensity physical exercise should be considered as a prescription for lowering cognitive risks and slowing cognitive decline across all ages.[4]


We know that we should exercise more. But the key is to get motivated. To achieve this motivation recently video games have been developed in which the players have to perform physical exercises to control the game. This category of games is called Exergames [5]. These games utilize remote controls and motion sensors. Although these games are for all ages, some are specifically designed for the elderly. The most popular games in this category are the Nintendo Wii games such as the Wii Fit Balance Board and the Wii Sports Games with a hand held controller. Another popular game is the Touchtown’s Dancetown Fitness System using a dance mat. A recent balance board system for mind and body that is becoming popular is 60uP.It is available on Amazon.

The most advanced games include persuasion technology, designed to encourage its use. Some games also provide social interaction between players as an added benefit. This is a developing field that promises further benefits to the elderly population.  


We all need to maximize our health and energy through regular exercise. Some of us may benefit from trying out some Exergames now coming to the market. Other options are DVD videos and online exercise programs for seniors. I personally use the stretching exercises shown in a DVD set called “Aging Backwards” that was offered on PBS. You may find more details on this program by clicking here . There are many exercise programs offered online. Choose one that meets your needs, but do not delay. Physical exercise is very important for all ages, but especially for older persons like us who want to remain active and be ready for more.




[1]. “A game like interface for training seniors’ dynamic balance and coordination”. A.S.Billis et al. ,IFMBE Proceedings,2010,Volume 29, Part 4, 691-694

[2]. “Effects of group exercise on cognitive functioning and mood of older women”. Philippa Williams and Stephen R.Lord,Prince of Wales Medical Research Institute, Sydney. (Aust NZJ Public Health 1997;21:45-52)

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[5]. “Exergames for elderly”. Ellen Brox et al. Northern Research Institute, Tromso,Norway. Juan Emilio Gonzalez Hernandez, University of Seville, Spain.

Keys to Writing Memorable Website Posts

Memorable Website posts, as the name indicates, are posts that the reader remembers. These are the posts in which you make contact with the reader on a personal level. If your language is informal, like a conversation between friends, the reader is more likely to pay attention to your message and keep reading.


You are presenting yourself as an authority in your subject. So you must act as an authority. Your opinions should be clear and specific. Your recommendations strongly worded. You may occasionally reference your experience and credentials. Make sure that you become an expert, if you are not already one, by researching all you can about your subject. It will show in your writing.


Writing is a skill that you develop with every new post that you publish. We all start with baby steps, but if we make changes to our writing style based on feedback, we will soon be on our way to write memorable posts. Feedback, as measured by results, is the key. When I started writing, my posts were more like scientific papers. Because of my technical background I liked to provide references and explained all the technical parameters applicable to the products I was promoting. My posts were very good, in my opinion, but nobody cared. The readers did not want to read a 2000 word article on why they should buy an air purifier for their home. They just wanted to read a brief summary and be reassured by my recommendation as an expert. I started to simplify my posts, I included only the most important factors and added many photos. Eureka ! It worked. The number of visitors increased and so did the site rankings.


Earlier posts will still bring an audience. However, it is important to update the posts periodically so that the information is current and valid today. Changing the photos also helps. For example, I just changed in my website photos that showed summer scenes to new photos with winter images. A new visitor will now relate better to the message since I am

now also writing new posts on what products I recommend for the winter months.


Writing is a skill that you develop as you advance in your training and as you continue your writing.

Keep on writing. Follow my suggestions and you too will soon celebrate as your site rankings improve!

You can learn more in Kyle’s lesson on Content Writing in Wealthy Affiliate.This is free.Just click here.




I would like to hear your comments.

You can reach me at

Wealthy Affiliate Review -( No Sugar Coating Here)

This Wealthy Affiliate Review is my opinion as a satisfied participant in the program. If you already are an experienced internet marketer this detailed review is not for you.You already know that this training works.However, if you are a beginner, please read on.

Program Overview – What to expect

First let me start by telling you that this program can be overwhelming. For the beginner there is too much information, too many resources, very easy to get side-tracked jumping from creating a website, to finding affiliate programs, to establishing a presence in social media, etc.

But if you are focused on your goals, this program is invaluable and a bargain. The learning is structured and easy to follow. Lessons are presented in logical sequence, in courses that lead step by step to success. Stay the course!

Wealthy Affiliate – What is in the Program ?

There are two separate programs for beginners to choose.

A – Online Entrepreneur Certification 

This is the best choice for beginners. It includes 5 courses and 50 lessons, that address all the subjects necessary to be successful in internet marketing. These 5 basic courses are :

1. Getting Started

2. Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

3. Making Money

4. Mastering Social Engagement

5. Achieve Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Please note that you can not just view the courses or ready the material. It is most important that you complete the assignments step by step. As a rule for every 1 hour of learning, you should spend 3 hours implementing what you have learned. It may take you 3 to 6 months to complete this program, depending on how much time you are able to devote.

However, you will see results as you proceed with the lessons, before you complete the course. You will have a website and you will see it grow as you add posts, affiliate links and start to get traffic. With each milestone reached your confidence will grow and you will be so much closer to success.

B – Affiliate Bootcamp

This is a program designed to teach you how to create a website for promoting Wealthy Affiliate. The program will allow you to earn commissions by recruiting new members and possibly also earn money by providing training within the community after you have reached expertise in a subject.

The program includes 7 courses and 70 lessons. It is more detailed and with more information than the Entrepreneur Certification program. If you just want to promote Wealthy Affiliate then this course is all you need. However, this course is also important if you plan to promote other products or your own website in a different niche. It is important because although the first few lessons are duplicate of the Entrepreneur Certification program, it has important additional information. The 7 courses included in the Affiliate Bootcamp are:

1. Getting Your Business Rolling

2. Content, Keywords and Conversions

3. Giving Your Site Social Value

4. Get Visual, Get Aesthetic, Get a Brand through Media

5. Knowing Your Audiences – Catapulting Your Referrals

6. Bing,Yahoo & the Power of PPC

7. How to Scale Successful PPC Campaigns.

Completing the Affiliate Bootcamp program should take you another 3 to 6 months. As you can see Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. Your success will depend on your talent for marketing and your hard work.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community – Your Fellow Members

One of the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate is that it allows you to learn from those fellow members who are more advanced and more successful. You can ask questions and you will get answers. Many of the more advanced members offer tutorials and courses on a myriad of subjects

All of this training is found in a Training Headquarters where you will find videos, tutorials and courses organized by subject. All of this training is free !


Wealthy Affiliate encourages this exchange of information by applying to each member a ranking within the community. This ranking is based on your participation as measured by your posts, your questions and answers. Basically the ranking is a measure of how helpful you are to others. Rankings range from 1 and 2 for the founders of Wealthy Affiliate to approximately 200,000 for a new member who just joins.

Members ranked in the top 100 get special benefits from Wealthy Affiliate. They are also assigned to answer your questions on the lessons you are learning. However, all the answers are public, for everyone to see, and you can add your comments to the tread. In addition to making money as an affiliate by referring new members, you may also qualify for payments for providing training to your fellow members.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community – What to watch out for

There are very interesting people from all over the world that have joined Wealthy Affiliate, and you will want to meet them and chat. However, their knowledge of Internet Marketing at the beginning may be non-existent. If your goal is to succeed in this business you must remember that you are here for business. Chatting is for Facebook. So you have to budget your time and be selective in who you follow. At this early stage I want to focus on learning. So I only follow members who are ranked 1000 or lower. These are the members likely with the most knowledge and I can trust their training.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools – What is Provided

In addition to the training provided in the programs, and the courses presented in the Training Headquarters, you have access to all the tools in the platform. These tools include:

1. Website Builder

2. Domain Research

3. Website Performance Measuring Tools

4. Hosting Platform

5. Site Content ( Writing Platform )

6. Keyword Research Tools

7. Support ( Live Chat, Site Technical Support, Q&A )

And of course the Wealthy Affiliate community.

Money – How much Wealthy Affiliate Costs



You can start for free using some of the research available and create a website. However, if you are serious you will soon want to become a Premium Member at $49.00/ month or for a $495.00  annual payment. This price is a bargain since your premium membership includes the hosting of up to 50 websites. I recently transferred to Wealthy Affiliate another website of mine for which I was paying $107.00 for yearly hosting. Just the cost of hosting a few websites elsewhere will exceed the price you pay Wealthy Affiliate for everything.

My Conclusion and Recommendation

If you are serious in becoming a successful affiliate marketer and make money on the Internet working from home, the training and tools provided by Wealthy Affiliate are invaluable. However Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. You can expect to work diligently from 6 months to a year before you make any significant amount of money.

Your success is up to you.GO FOR IT !

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When we started, a few years back, this adventure called retirement or golden years, we knew that one of the things we wanted to do with our new-found free time was to learn new subjects.

How to learn now what we should have learned earlier in life.

We wanted to learn but without the stress of homework, exams or deadlines. In my case, my higher education was in Engineering and Business, but I was pretty much ignorant in DNA, Genes or Biology. I knew I needed more balance in my knowledge. That is when we stumbled on the Great Courses. Pretty soon we found that with the Great Courses learning was made addictive.

The Great Courses – what are they ?

Each course is a series of typically 24 lectures on topics related to the subject area. Available topics are many. Academic subjects such as Science, Religion, History, Philosophy or more practical subjects such as photography, creative writing, languages, even weight loss. Lectures range from “How to stay Fit as you age” to “The Theory of Everything”. I am pretty sure that you will find your favorite subject in one of the courses.

What are the prerequisites for taking a course ?

You do not need previous knowledge to benefit from the courses. The lectures are delivered by gifted professors and by world-class experts in the subject area. The lectures are college level in content and thoroughness, but delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner. I found the learning very enjoyable.


DCF 1.0

Who is supporting the Great Courses

What I found impressive was that the Great Courses have partnered with top-notch organizations such as National Geographic, the Smithsonian, and the Mayo Clinic. These organizations provide their expert guidance in the development of the courses. The lecturers are top college professors who are also great communicators. They know how to engage the audience.

What are the drawbacks ? There must be some.

The drawback is that the courses are very addictive. When you finish one course and can discuss the subject intelligently with your friends you will want to buy another course right away. In my case my favorite courses were:

– Earth’s Changing Climate ( a very timely topic )

– Introduction to Nanotechnology: The new Science of Small

– The Nature of Earth: An Introduction to Geology ( especially the lecture on Coal )

– Understanding Genetics


DCF 1.0

I really learned these subjects in depth without much effort. It was great! But then I got carried away and ordered Latin 101:Learning a Classical Language. My wife and I also speak Portuguese and Spanish respectively, and are learning Italian so ordering Latin 101 seemed like a good idea. Well.. Latin 101 is a very thorough and excellent course, but this course requires time, dedication and lots of homework . Too much for me to handle at this time. So we never finished the course.

Vita brevis ( Life is short )

So watch out for your impulse buying !

Check out one of the Great Courses here

A different course (not from great courses)

If you are interested in learning internet marketing, maybe to start your own business, there is a free course I recommend.

To learn about this free course click here


I would like to hear your comments.


Welcome to our Site

Thank you for visiting In this website we will share our retirement goals.As the name implies we want more. More experiences, more learning, more friends while we develop a business that will help to finance our expanded lifestyle. If these are also your goals we look forward to sharing this adventure with you.


My name is Carlos. I am a retired Industrial Engineer with broad experience in International Sales and in Management of Manufacturing companies. By nature, I am more inclined to business and making money. Fortunately my wife Heide, the love of my life, keeps me balanced. Her interests are music, reading,learning new languages, and more reading. So we share this adventure of getting old while still remaining active and engaged in life. We live in the USA and have been citizens for close to 50 years. We are originally from Argentina and Brasil respectively and have friends worldwide. It is our goal to reach people in all countries.


We want to connect with people with similar goals to ours. As individuals, we all have different backgrounds, experiences and goals. But as we reach retirement age we all contemplate our past lives, take pride in our accomplishments and enjoy our families. But we also realize that there is still more living to do. Now we have the freedom of time. We can pursue our hobbies, our interests, help our causes or charities, learn new subjects and make new friends. In this website we will present new ideas and help people to connect with places and people that will be helpful in this adventure of staying engaged with life. We aim to appeal to those who are interested in making money and those who search for more knowledge in all areas.

We would like to hear from you

Carlos and Heide



P.S. We are interested in all life aspects that will improve our well being.This includes the indoor air quality in our homes.

We have a separate website on the subject.

We invite you to also visit us there.