Rejuvenated at Age 77

Retired and Ready for More

It is widely believed that aging is associated with an inevitable decline of physical and mental conditions. We are told that some diseases are expected with old age and that we must accept our “senior moments” as normal for our age.

However, new research shows that old age is not a disease, and that we can live a healthy and active life until the end.

In this article I will discuss some steps we can take to live fully and thrive in our golden years.

My Message

My stated goal since retirement has been to remain active, to live life fully and thrive. To be ready for more. More experiences, more learning and more new memories.

However, I did not always act accordingly. The nagging thought that my health may deteriorate as I age was always on my mind. This negative conditioning from TV commercials constantly advertising medications for new and old diseases was taking its toll. But no more.

I had my “Eureka” moment and I now know that a healthy lifestyle will lead to a healthy and fulfilling old age. It is all coming together now.

It started with reading a book “The Longevity Paradox” by Steven Gundry, MD where he makes the case on how to die young at a ripe old age. The book is based on his experience as a heart surgeon and on his own research. Most importantly the conclusions presented are supported by more than 100 references to scientific and scholarly papers, and studies.

It is a must read for all seniors. I will not try to describe his plan for healthy living but I will say that he clearly explains the science behind the success of his program, and that it is a very comprehensive program.

What I have been Missing

My biggest surprise was when I found out that a few techniques presented in the book, such as intermittent fasting, restricted calorie intake, limiting protein consumption, and physical exercise plans were being followed by some of my friends and family already. I was just not paying attention. I even have books in my library on the same subjects.

This week we visited our new grand daughter, one week old, and very beautiful in the unbiased opinion of this proud grandfather. But in chatting with our son, Edward, he mentioned that he has been doing intermittent fasting for the last year with a noticeable increase in energy. Our daughter-in-law, Kristi, added that she loved Buffalo Mozzarella ( Made from Buffalo milk, which has a healthy casein A2 instead of the dangerous casein A1 present in cows milk).

Later in the day talking with our youngest daughter, Alexis, via Skype in Vermont, she said that she too has been doing intermittent fasting for the last six months. Where have I been that I did not know this before?

But now I am a convert to the Longevity Paradox Program for a healthy lifestyle. The world watch out!


Living a full life after retirement is possible. Retirement is not retirement from life, but an opportunity to reassess our priorities and redirect our activities to what is now important to us. Hence, the “golden years”. We have earned the freedom from our past obligations and are now ready for new challenges of our choosing.

But in order to have the health and energy to pursue our dreams it is our responsibility to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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