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The Look of Success – Seniors Starting a Business

We are healthy, active and ready for more. However, when starting a business and dealing with younger customers, we must convey our vitality and enthusiasm to overcome a natural tendency of many people who believe that old age is associated with mental and physical decline. We need the look of success.

It is not fair, but it is a reality that we can not ignore and must overcome. Studies show that first impressions are key in establishing the trust required in business.

Appearance a Key to Positive First Impression

First impression from faces can predict success. In a study from Tufts University, Department of Psychology, 170 US undergraduates were shown photographs of chief executives of major US Companies. The study found that those executives whose photographs received the highest positive ratings from the students, were actually the highest performing executives with the highest salaries. The study concluded that success is related to facial appearance. [1]

Similar academic studies have been conducted where they asked a sample of voters to select a winner from a line up of photographs. These were elections where the voters were not familiar with the candidates, their platforms or experience. The only information was the photograph of the candidate. In these studies the candidate selected by the sample voters as likely to win, was the actual winner. [2]

What was in the photographs that conveyed the qualities of a winner?

Scientists have not determined exactly which facial features are critical in that first impression. Therefore, even if we are not vain, we should try to improve our appearance, for our customers sake and for our own self-esteem. Ladies know that, but we men should also pay attention top our appearance, especially our facial appearance.

What can We Do to Improve our Appearance ?

If we search the literature on this subject we find that basic steps to improve our appearance revolve around improving our overall Health. Lose weight, drink plenty of water and exercise are the most important actions we can take to improve our health and appearance.

At the other extreme they recommend that we just cover our skin imperfections with make-up. They tell me that today men are also using make-up. Apparently make-up is no longer just for the ladies. I am not sure that I want to follow that path. But that is just me.

However, I recommend that in addition to improving our health we use anti-aging creams that are recommended for mature, aging skin. These creams will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

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Appearance can be improved with creams and potions and they are worth a try. It is a good thing to do. However, an inner glow that is reflected in our face comes from inner confidence and inner peace. Your life experience gives you an advantage and all the strength and confidence you need to succeed.




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Aromatherapy for Seniors- is it Good for Us ?

Lavender Field

Over the years I heard many times the word “aromatherapy”. However, I associated this word with “flower power” and the hippie culture of the 60s, and did not pay much attention. I guess I was missing something important, that now is becoming very popular and for a good reason.

We see many advertisements for “essential oils”, which are the foundation for aromatherapy, and we see many articles written to discuss the health benefits of “Aromatherapy”. Here I present my findings on Aromatherapy for Seniors.

Aromatherapy in the Ancient World

Although scientists have researched essential oils only since the beginning of this century, the use of aromas and plants for their healing powers have strong historical roots.

In India The Reg Veda, written more than 5000 years ago, describes the healing power of herbs. That knowledge evolved in India into the healing art of Ayurveda, which is still practiced today. In China essential oils of Rose, Jasmine and Chamomile were used as tonics.[1]

Egyptians used some of the oldest known oils such as Myrrh, Juniper, Aniseed and Cedar.

In ancient Greece Hippocrates recommended aromatic baths with Marjoram and Myrrh.[2]

I have to confess I always have been a skeptic of any healing remedy that did not have the endorsement of modern medicine. However, natural remedies have been the only remedies available for centuries and they obviously were of great value at the time. Even in “modern” times, before sulfa and antibiotics were developed, natural remedies were very important. They deserve our respect.

What the Scientists say about Aromatherapy

Scientists have researched essential oils since the beginning of this century. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse analyzed the chemical composition of essential oils and wrote “Aromatherapy”, the first book on the pharmacology of essential oils, in 1910. Since then numerous studies have confirmed the healing properties of some essential oils. Aromatherapy implies a health related therapy, not to be confused with aromatic oils used in the cosmetic industry.

An article published in The American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry reports that in a study of geriatric patients, exposed to samples of essential oils of Lavender, Grapefruit and Peppermint, the patients reported an increase of satisfaction with their care and welcomed the aromatherapy. Increase of well-being was universally reported.[3]

A recent study, in 2018, reported that older people suffering from insomnia were greatly helped by inhaling a combination of lavender, marjoram and basil essential oils. The results show that applying aromatherapy contributes to a reduction in the intensity of insomnia and also that all subjects reported a significantly better quality of sleep.[4]

Experts think that aromatherapy activates smell receptors in the nose which send messages through the nervous system to the brain. The brain areas involved include the hypothalamus which may respond by releasing serotonin that eases stress and provides a feeling of relaxation.[5]

Common Essential Oils and their Benefits

The most common essential oils used in Aromatherapy and their benefits are listed below: [6]

ESSENTIAL OIL                                                                REPORTED BENEFITS

Basil                                                                              Sharpens concentration. Helps with depression symptoms

Jasmine                                                                        Enhances alertness. Possible aphrodisiac

Black Pepper                                                               Stimulates blood circulation. Relieves muscle pains and aches

Rosemary                                                                     Supports circulatory and nervous systems. Boosts memory

Thyme                                                                           Reduces fatigue and stress

Lemon                                                                           Relieves symptoms of stress and depression

Clove                                                                              Topical analgesic, commonly used for toothache

Eucalyptus                                                                    Relieves airways during a cold or influenza

Lavender                                                                        Improves relaxation and sleep.Relieves headaches


Aromatherapy is now in the mainstream and an accepted complement to modern medicine.

Words of Caution

Although aromatherapy can be applied through inhalation, skin contact or ingestion, inhalation should be the preferred method. Inhalation acts immediately on the nose receptors connecting to the brain, and provides nasal de-congestion and a pleasant smell. Aromatherapy can be applied through skin contact, typically in conjunction with massage. In this case it is advisable to test first for allergic reactions by applying the diluted essential oil on a small skin section and observe if there is a reaction. Ingestion of essential oils is not recommended as it may damage the liver or kidneys. Furthermore, if you are taking medications consult with your Doctor to ensure that there are no adverse interactions with your medications.

Aromatherapy is intended to be a complementary treatment that can have health benefits such as stress reduction, ease some side effects of medications and help improve quality of life for people suffering from anxiety, depression or insomnia. It is a complementary treatment not intended to replace conventional medicine.

We have discussed here Aromatherapy, utilizing essential oils obtained from distillation. Not to be confused with oils extracted chemically and used in cosmetics.


Aromatherapy is another method to enhance our well-being, improve our quality of life and joy of living. It is very pleasant and it might be of help. Why not try it?




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How to Create a Passive Income in Retirement

Hand shows money that can be earned with Affiliate Sales
Shows passive money that can be yours with Affiliate Sales

This article is intended for individuals, boys and girls, close to retirement or already retired. The method for adding passive income presented here is for individuals who would like to earn a few hundred dollars a month in supplemental income without investing a significant amount of money or time.

It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It may take several months to get the desired results and will require learning. If you are ready for the challenge read more.

Affiliate Sales for Creating Passive Income

When you go to a dealership and buy a car the salesman gets a commission. He established a relationship with you, showed you different cars and recommended one that he thought would fit your needs. The salesman gets a commission if you, the buyer, act on his recommendation and buy the car. Affiliate Sales is similar. You recommend a product to your audience and direct them to the website of the seller of the product. If someone from your audience actually buys the product, the seller sends you a commission check.

What I describe is the basis of Affiliate Sales conducted on the Internet. As a Sales Affiliate you do not own the product you recommend. You do not need a physical store, inventory or sales staff. You conduct the business at no cost to you, on the working hours you choose. This is a business that you own. The business does not own you. You can work as few or as many hours as you wish and conduct the business from anywhere in the world from your laptop computer. I conduct my Sales Affiliate business from my home desktop computer for a few hours every day. Younger people may choose to work from their smart mobile phone. I prefer the comfort of home and a large screen computer monitor, easier to read. This is my choice.

Obviously there is work involved in getting started as a Sales Affiliate on the Internet and earn the passive income. I will show you the steps involved. You can do this for free if you own a computer and have an Internet connection.

Steps to create a Passive Income from the Internet

You will need to create a website that is going to be your platform to reach the world ! However, before you build this website you need to decide what topic or product you want to promote. You will write articles that you will post on this website and become an authority on the subject. So choose your area of expertise or a topic you are comfortable writing about.

1 – Think of a product or a subject that you are very familiar or interested in. Something that you would enjoy writing about. Some ideas:

Products: Drones, Massage Equipment, Chess Sets, Cookware, Pet Food, Health and Beauty Products

Subject Categories: Nutrition, Healthy Living, Baking, Traveling, Financing, Meditation, Dieting


2 – After you have decided on one topic as your choice, you will need to create a website suitable for that product or subject.

3 – Next you will start writing articles on your selected topic and post these articles on your website.

4 – If your articles are well written and compelling they will be indexed in Google and shown to people searching for information on your topic. In your articles you will include product recommendations that hopefully will earn you sales commissions.

How to get Affiliate Sales Training for Free

The above steps for creating a Passive Income are a summary description of the tasks to be performed. Internet Business is very competitive and it is not easy to succeed on your own. You need training and a support team. Every step requires specific knowledge. You can get this knowledge and this support at Wealthy Affiliate.

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